Sexy & smart aneesha madhok dedicates her book to sushant singh rajput!

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Aneesha Madhok dedicates her book to Sushant Singh Rajput

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Indian American actor Aneesha Madhok was in shock when she learnt about the death of a close family friend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June this year. The incident affected her peace of mind to no ends. However, not the one to succumb to negativity, the talented actor dived deep into research on topics such as depression, trauma, and PTSD.

The versatile star, who will soon be seen as the lead in Hollywood film Bully High, decided to write a book and dedicate it to Sushant and her late professor Paul Backer. "This year has been difficult for the world. After Sushant’s death, I fell into a minor depression. It brought back all the memories of how I lost my professor Paul Backer when I was in Los Angeles in college as he cast me in my first play in LA.

Sushant was like a mentor to me. Death can trigger so much sadness and pain," shares Aneesha. Revealing how the book, titled "How To Be Resilient: A guide using sociological and cognitive factors” came into being, the actor-author says, "I decided to take control of my life and be resilient. I began researching how I can overcome and be strong.

Aneesha Madhok

She also goes on to add, "Hopefully everyone after reading my book can make a difference in their lives. I believe we should keep SSR’s spirit alive." The rising star, who often calls veteran actor Shabana Azmi as the inspiration behind her acting career, also used her craft as an actor in writing this book.

"I put my acting and my psychology experience into it as I also studied psychology in college. As an actor, I poured my heart and vulnerabilities into it for people to empathize and understand that we are all humans and going through pain is a natural process. Overcoming pain is a skill. I hope this book helps as many people. I believe in love and healing the world so I want to use my gift of art and communication for that. It was high time the nerdy Aneesha from high school wrote a book that can serve humanity,". she says.

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