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Shabana Azmi Says Evening Shadows Which Had Its World Premiere In Lonavla Film Festival, As Extra Ordinary Film


The film ‘Evening Shadows’ had its world premiere at the recently concluded 3rd Lonavla Film Festival .“We are happy that our film ‘Evening Shadows’ is being appreciated even at mainstream film festivals, apart from LGBTQ film festivals. This fulfills one of the objectives of the film – to reach out a mass audience with the message of acceptance.  Now we push for the second objective – of releasing the film commercially – in theaters and television – in India”, said director Sridhar Rangayan. Chicago South Asian Film Festival also presented an eclectic slate of 70+ films over the course of 4 days which included amazing award winning LGBTQ films recently. The participating filmmakers represented a wide diverse contemporary queer word cinema representing true South Asian Diaspora. We are very happy that Evening Shadows emerged as a winner of Chicago South Asian Film Festival and the festival could become a platform to spotlight the lives of LGBTQ community”, said Jigar Shah, festival manager. The producers of ‘Evening Shadows’ are delighted that the film is gaining a lot of acclaim across the world with official selection at around 38 international film festivals, and at many festivals being the opening, closing or centerpiece film. Sridhar Rangayan, director of the film, will be on a 15-day ‘Evening Shadows Grand European Tour’ from Oct 9th – 24th presenting 7 screenings in 5 cities across 4 countries. “I will not only be presenting the film, but also carrying the euphoria of the Indian LGBTQ community that is celebrating the freedom from Sec 377, after a long and hard fought battle. ‘Evening Shadows’ represents that victory of acceptance”, said Rangayan. Recently Shabana Azmi who saw the film at the 3rd Lonavala Film Festival a day after the 377 verdict had said, “After watching ‘Evening Shadows’ I really feel that it has made me a better human being. I feel that all families, especially in our country, should see this film. I hope that a big studio or a big producer will embrace this film and presents it. I have full trust that this film will be a hit at the box office. The film has received a UA certificate by the censor board”.

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