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Shah Rukh Khan Is Ssharad Malhotra’s Role Model


Every actor wishes to be like another Bollywood superstar and work towards it. Speaking of Musakaan’s lead actor Ssharad Malhotra thought he was the next Shahrukh Khan after doing this first film ‘Ek Tera Sath’. The actor is a diehard Shahrukh khan fan and takes SRK as his role model.

Ssharad Malhotra has never failed to miss a movie of Shahrukh and seeks inspiration from him. So much so that he even tries to act like him on screen. Ssharad Malhotra says, “Shahrukh’s smile is contagious and there is a lot to learn from what he portrays on screen. His energy is very inspiring and he is truly my role model.”

He adds a memorable back story saying, “Back in school days in the year 1995, after watching DDLJ for the 100th time, I travelled to Mumbai in my summer vacations and stood outside Mannat to meet him. Unfortunately, that never happened, but 10 years after that, while shooting for my first show, I bumped into him at an event and all I remember is that for me, that moment just froze. 2nd November is a day I love to celebrate and my fans know that too.”

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