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No, I am not talking about the mighty Shah who can’t even spell or pronounce National Register of Citizens and half the time doesn’t know whether he is speaking the truth or telling a lie unlike his master, Modi who so blatantly lies to the country without caring for it, I am talking about my dear friend, Naseeruddin Shah whose mind has been a cauldron, a burning “batti” of angry thoughts of an Indian who was born with independence.
This 70 year old Shah talks about the mess that the country has being reduced to by Modi and his Man Friday, Shah who talks about chronology without knowing what the word means, about how the CAA and the NRC will be put into practice all over the country, even as his master keeps screaming that there has been no talks about the NRC. Naseeruddin Shah has been continuously angry about the way the two leaders are playing havoc with the people of India , but if there is one issue he is angrily vocal about is, it is the way the voice of dissent is being threatened and efforts are being made to try and throttle it.
And if there is one thing this Shah is every angry about, it is the way Mr. Modi has been showing his utter contempt for students, whose latest examples is his Government cutting down 30,000 crores marked for the use of the education of students and in his own way Shah asks, “How can this PM who once said he was not interested in padai wadai and then went on to say that he had a degree and a M.A in “Entire Political Science” and also say that he was a chaiwala, of which there is absolutely no proof, knowing the pain and problems of students and other young people of the country?”
This Shah’s anger is growing and I fear and also see a ray of hope in his anger, because who knows in his anger, the youth and the enlightened leaders will find the way to a better future for a New India!!!