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Shailendra Singh’s Anthem 4 Good Is The Perfect Patriotic Tune For You This Independence Day


Entertainment and sports guru Shailendra Singh’s Anthem4Good have been capturing the hearts of Indians all around the world. Titled One India. My India, it aims to unite 1.4 billion Indians globally.

We give you five reasons why you need to make this song your Independence Day jam this year.

1. It defines modern India in the truest sense
India has evolved in the last decade and has taken leaps and bounds towards becoming a developed country. The song encapsulates this empowerment, this growth in the best way of making the song relatable to every Indian.

2. It unites all of India with one tune
Indians wear their secularity like a crown and the Anthem4Good showcases this in every shot. Uniting all religions, all sections of society, all people through the different scenes, the song shows what India is and the love and respect Indians have for each other.

3. It brings out the natural beauty of India
Montage shots showcasing the beauty of the country will increase your love for your nation and make you want to travel the different parts of the country immediately. The travel bug is sure to bite you almost as soon as the song stops.

4. It brings together some of the best voices of the country
Sukhwinder Singh and Jubin Nautiyal have sung some of the most iconic tracks individually. Coming together for this anthem with Mithoon and newcomer Godswill, they will have you hooked.

5. The profound lyrics define Indian emotions
The lyrics of the song has been written with extreme thought and express India’s unity and acceptance towards all people with perfection. It explains why India is easily home for all those who come here; it has a place for everyone and offers them love and care.

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