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Shama Sikander has been quite a sensation since her debut

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Jyothi venkatesh
She has lived life on her own terms and she is quite an enigma and when it comes to love in the internet she has been breaking the internet quite often with her pictures.

Shama Sikander”s pictures have been going viral and for a long time now. She has an Instagram account to die for and the content that she puts out reaches a wide audience. Her pictures range from outfits in gym clothes, western, indian, swim suits to her travel content. She is an absolute sensation and a fashion and wellness icon when it to comes to instagram. We would want to hear from her what’s the secret and lets have it in her own words, ” Well all i can say is be true to yourself and try to express the real you. Life is about discovering yourself one moment at a time and that is exactly what i have been trying to do. I travel a lot, work out a lot, dress up well,and I happen to take pictures, and videos which i put out on the internet which people love and other than my acting work that I have been consistently doing. So just express the truest yourself and be confident. That’s all i can say.”

We surely adore the person that shama is and we get a taste of her every now and then on Instagram. We look forward to much more of her in 2020.

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