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Shama Sikander Sends Her Love For India’s 70th Republic Day 

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India will be celebrating its 70th republic day and its an extremely auspicious occasion for us. We as a nation have seen some tough times and we have earned our secularism and democracy. In 26th January 1950, our constitution came into power and we became the largest democracy in the world. Our very own shama Sikander has her thoughts and plans set for this day and lets go through it.

We spoke to shama on this occasion and here is what she says, ” Firstly I would like to wish the entire nation a very happy republic day. This day is extremely important as this stands for unity in india as we are the largest democracy in the world. I would urge everyone to participate in this and be a part of a flag hoisting ceremony. India needs to know and read of their glorious past, the army which fought several battles and of course how we became a secular democratic. We are a very young country and we have to empower the women in India even more. There are further initiatives that have happened and we need to keep encouraging them to become the biggest superpower in the world and it should start right away with full effect. I urge my fellow Indians to show some love for the country and not think of republic day as just a holiday. It’s a day to celebrate our nation and we should do this. On this day we must remember to stick together as a nation because if we stick together nobody can ever separate us. Stay united and with consciousness have a great republic day. This is the time to introspect on how we can grow as a nation by making ourselves better as a human and be of a better service to our country only then can our nation become better as its the people who make the country. It is the accountability of all us fellow Indians to do our best and stay united come what may. Our biggest strength is our unity in diversity and that has to be preserved at any cost.”

These are extremely meaningful and pious thoughts from the beautiful person that shama is. Now we know what makes her beautiful inside out. We should definitely make this day count. We wish shama a very happy republic day from our side and we urge everyone to celebrate this day with full force.

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