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Shamin mannan takes fashion inspiration from her character koyal


Jyothi Venkatesh

The bold and beautiful Shamin Mannan is no less of a fashionista herself, but the actress admits that she is in awe of her “Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare” character Koyal and goes on to say that she is taking fashion inspiration from her on-screen avatar. The actress says that she was never a jewellery person, but since the time Koyal entered her life she feels like investing in accessories.

“I don’t know whether I am a fashionista or not, maybe I am because if you scroll through my Instagram page it’s full of fashion posts where I am wearing different types of clothes with matching shoes. I am not an accessory person, but for me, a watch is a must. I always believe that less is more, but for Koyal it’s otherwise. She wears very stylish earrings and the rings she wears are quite huge. I guess it’s me who is taking inspiration from Koyal,” she said.

“Maybe I will start investing more in accessories now because I like all that she wears. And I was also never a fan of palazzos, but because of Koyal, I noticed it looks good on me. Koyal might be inspired by Shamin, maybe the makers went through my social media account and the stylists have checked it for my body type so that they can look create the look. So I think in a way a little bit of Koyal is inspired by Shamin. But I am getting inspired a lot by Koyal’s looks, which I might use in my real life,” she added.

The “Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki” actress credits the producers and the creatives for creating such a distinctive look for Koyal. She said, “I have personally not given any inputs for Koyal, but while we were doing the look test of the character, I would tell them if I didn’t like something or whether I am comfortable in a certain outfit or not. Apart from that, it’s all makers and the producers, who created Koyal completely.

Right from the dialogues to her body language and her look, they designed everything.” Shamin also suggested that her look makes it easy for her to get into the shoes of her character. “Koyal’s look is very important for me because it makes it easy for me to get into the character. The moment I put because on Koyal’s clothes, do my makeup and hair, I completely transform and I love it,” she signed off.