Sharad Malhotra and Angad Hasija talk about Lohri!

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Sharad Malhotra and Angad Hasija talk about Lohri!

Lohri marks the commencement of the harvest season. The festival is also celebrated to pay respects for making harvest possible. The Lohri night is considered the longest night of the year, thus it is also known as the winter solstice - Jyothi Venkatesh

Angad Hasija who is currently seen in Ziddi Dil Maane Na says


Lohri always meant family time to me, but of course once you start working you miss on these things. You give up some joy, to achieve success. Lohri always brings back Chandigarh memories to me.

All my relatives would gather together and we would dance all night and gorge on some yummy delicacies. This festival to me is all about positivity, vibrancy, and looking forward to an even better tomorrow.

This year I will be celebrating it in Mumbai. Since I have just started working on a show, I will celebrate it with my co-stars. A video call back home would help me celebrate it with them virtually.

Sharad Malhotra currently seen as Baxi Jagabandhu in Vidrohi shares


I miss Kolkata during this time of the year. I feel Kolkata is one city which celebrates every festival with so much enthusiasm and I miss the vibrancy of the city.

The festival of Lohri means happiness and prosperity to me. Since I tested positive for COVID and am still recovering from it, I will be celebrating it with my wife Ripci and my furry baby Leo.

A small celebration of just the three of us because we are still in isolation. Wishing everyone a very happy Lohri, but while celebrating don't forget that we are still in the middle of a COVID war, so mask up, maintain social distance and follow all safety protocols.

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