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Shemaroo tv is back with yet another blockbuster week of your favourite show – devon ke dev… mahadev


Jyothi Venkatesh

A much-loved classic revolving around the story of Lords Shiva and Parvati, the show has been leading the popularity charts for weeks and has emerged as a fan-favorite during lockdown. Viewers are in for an exciting week ahead as we see interesting plots, storylines and character developments.

After Lord Vishnu stops Mahadeva from killing Ravana, he tells him how Ravana’s death will come about. Later, disguised as a flower-seller, Ravana attacks Kaushalya and throws her off a hill . Ganesha saves her & Mahadev assures Dasharatha that Kaushalya will conceive Lord Vishnu’s next avatar.

Mahadev also informs Janaka that he will father a girl, Devi Lakshmi’s human avatar. Finally Lord Rama, a Vishnu avatar, is born as Kaushalya and Dasharatha’s son. Kaikeyi gives birth to a son and Sumitra gives birth to twins. Rishi Vashistha names Dasharatha’s sons, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna. Meanwhile, Ravana’s plans of capturing the nine planets and defeating Yamraj worries Mahadev.

Even after Mahadev warns Dasharatha as he foresees his misfortunes, he kills Shravan Kumar and is cursed that he too, will cry for lost sons. Scared of the curse, Dasharatha ignores Rishi Vashistha’s advice to send his sons to Gurukul and asks him to tutor them in the palace. Meanwhile, Rahu and Ketu surrender to Ravana, but Surya Dev, Chandra Dev and Mangal Dev refuse and are taken captive. Amidst all this, Janaka finds a baby girl while ploughing the earth and Mahadev names her Sita.

As a blessing, Mahadev hands over a bow to Janaka and informs him that only Sita will be capable of lifting it. Ravana’s atrocities keep increasing as he keeps Shani Dev captive for his own benefit. Shukracharya and Brihaspati destroy Ravana’s Mayavi vyuh and release the planets making him furious.

Mahadev himself teaches Lord Rama archery and asks Vishwamitra to become guru to Lord Rama and Lakshman and they leave for his gurukul. On the way, Vishwamitra narrates the story of Samudra Manthan and explains why Mahadev is called Neelkanth. Vishwamitra teaches Rama and Lakshman various battle skills and the purpose of his training.

Taraka had destroyed Vishwamitra’s yagna but when Rama hesitates to kill a woman, Mahadev clears his confusion and Parvati teaches him about Karma. As Vishwamitra starts his yagna, Taraka and her demons attack him and Lord Rama kills Taraka. But before she dies, he tells her why he had to take her life. Mahadev praises Lord Rama for maintaining Vishwamitra’s dignity and blesses him. Pleased by Rama, Lord Brahma gifts him the Brahmastra.

In Mithila, Janaka welcomes Rishi Vishwamitra, Lord Rama and Lakshman. Lord Rama and Sita finally come face to face. Seeing her husband in Rama, Sita seeks Parvati’s blessings. Ravana also intends to be a part of Sita’s Swayamvar inspite of Mandodari’s objections. Meanwhile, Parvati visits Kishkindha along with Ganesha and Kartikay to meet Mahadev’s son, Pawan Dev.

They meet Anjani, who pays her respect to Mahadev for bestowing her with a son. In the meantime, not knowing Maruti’s true identity, Indradev attacks him. Mahadev brings him back to life as Hanuman. On Vishwamitra’s request, Lord Rama sets out for the forest to fetch some flowers for the havan.

In the forest, he meets Sita, who pretends to be in search of a deer. Lord Rama stays with her and accompanies her back to the palace. Lord Rama has already taken Gurudev’s blessing and advice on the Shiv Dhanush. Will Lord Rama be able to lift the bow? Shemaroo TV has always understood the pulse of the audiences and has never failed to entertain them with a diverse content line-up.