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Shemaroo tv is back with yet another blockbuster week of your favourite show – devon ke dev… mahadev


Jyothi Venkatesh

A much-loved classic revolving around the story of Lords Shiva and Parvati, the show has been leading the popularity charts for weeks and has emerged as a fan-favorite during lockdown. Viewers are in for an exciting week ahead as we see interesting plots, storylines and character developments. After everyone reaches the cave, Ganesha and Kartikeya guard the cave as Mahadev and Parvati get into Samadhi with Nandi by their side.

Jalandhar disguises as Swami Adiyog and manages to enter the cave and uses the weapon on Parvati that can be only used once as told by Shukracharya. On the other hand, Vrinda gets ready to perform a puja that will make Jalandhar immortal, but Lord Vishnu disguises himself as Jalandhar and performs the puja.

When she realizes the same, she curses Vishnu and commits suicide. Jalandhar is all set to seek revenge for his wife. Shukracharya realizes his mistake and apologises to Mahadev and Mahadev blesses him and declares him as Shukrawar, the fifth day of the week. Post this, Jalandhar gets into war with everyone and he leaves Kartikeya, Nandi and Ganesha unconscious on the ground. Mahadev gets furious and the battle between Mahadev and Jalandhar starts and with Parvati on the battlefield and Jalandhar realizes his end is near.

He starts burning and merges with Mahadev’s third eye. Dashanan meditates upon Mahadev to impress him and eventually pays a visit to Kailash. He then lifts Kailash and takes Mahadev; impressed with Dashanan’s devotion, Mahadev blesses him with the name Ravana. Mahadev transforms into a Shivling which Ravana takes with him. Ganesha disguises as Baiju and tricks Ravana and gets the Shivaling.

Upon realising this, Ravana announces that his good side has died and destroys his palace and swears to make mankind suffer. Durgasur attacks Kailash in the absence of everyone and attacks Mahadev in Kashi at the same time.

Furious, Parvati takes the form of Goddess Durga and kills him. In the end, Mahadev and Parvati prepare for the new yuga as they explain Ganesha and Kartikeya about their duties.Ravana wakes Kumbhakarna from his long slumber to cause trouble to mankind, misuses his powers in order to cause destruction; Mahadev eventually saves everyone’s lives and Ravana releases the captive men but requests Mahadev to not interfere in his kingdom.

Prajapati Vishwaroop requests Mahadev to get his sons married to his daughters Siddhi and Buddhi, but Ganesha is the only one who eventually decides to marry both of them, only on the condition that Kartikeya attends his marriage, to which Kartikeya finally agrees after apologising to Parvati.

Ganesha finally marries Siddhi and Buddhi and is blessed by Mahadev and Parvati, but Ravana gets furious because he wasn’t invited for the wedding at all.Meanwhile, Mahadev establishes Mallikarjuna Jyotirling. Indradev sends Devsena to divert Kartikay’s attention and Lord Brahma accepts Devsena as his daughter and requests Mahadev to get her married to Kartikay and eventually Kartikeya and Devsena end up marrying in Brahmalok.

On the other hand, Ravana meets Mandodari and wishes to marry her; eventually they end up marrying but Ravana soon learns why Mandodari agreed to marry him. He later meets Vedvati and asks her to become his devotee but she refuses and sacrifices her life. Mahadev decides to kill Ravana but Lord Vishnu stops him and tells him how his death will come about. Shemaroo TV has always understood the pulse of the audiences and has never failed to entertain them with a diverse content line-up.