Shemaroo Umang actresses Neha Harsora and Priyanka Dhawale share their views on this International Women’s Day!

neha harsora and kavya aka

Every year March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the world. This day is especially dedicated to women and issues related to them. In such a situation, Shemaroo Umang’s female artists Neha Harsora and Priyanka Dhawale shared their views highlighting the importance of women empowerment.

neha harsora

Shemaroo Umang’s Raazz Mahal Dakini Ka Rahasya actress Neha Harsora shares her plans for International  Women’s Day, ”As a society, we are making progress towards creating a culture where women are treated fairly in both their personal and professional lives. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in rural areas where the practice of demanding dowries is still prevalent. It is important to educate people about why this practice is wrong. For our society to continue evolving, women should be educated and independent. To celebrate International Women’s Day, I have arranged a special dinner with my mother and sister, and we plan to spend quality time together”

Priyanka Dhavale

Speaking on Women’s Day, Priyanka Dhawale who plays Kavya in Shemaroo Umang’s show Kyunki Tum Hi Ho says, “Women’s Day has always been special to me, as I believe women are unique and strong in their way. For me, my best inspiration is my mother whom I have seen solve complex situations with utmost ease. Today I am an empowered woman all thanks to her who has supported me all along. It is not just a day as women should be celebrated every day. Living in these modern times discrimination based on gender should be erased altogether as there should be equality in terms of opportunity, payment, etc, in society.

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