Sherlyn Chopra questions the Jewelry brand Tanishq interfaith marriage ad

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Actress Sherlyn Chopra has been a talk of the town since she has opened up about the alleged drug nexus of Bollywood was exposed in public. Recently, an advertisement showing an inter-faith marriage by jewelry brand Tanishq has become the talking point of desi Internet. However, the brand reportedly took down the ad after the outrage by citizens.

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There is great beauty in diversity. Diversity is what India stands for unequivocally. However, let us not forget that India has a larger population of Hindus and a comparatively smaller population of Muslims. Therefore, to depict that Muslims are being tolerant of Hindus in the land where the majority of population believes in Hinduism would be unfair to the sentiments of the majority of Hindus living in India.

Sherlyn Chopra Sherlyn Chopra

In the Tanishq ad, a Hindu girl is shown as a daughter-in-law in a Muslim household and the Muslim household agrees to hold a baby shower ceremony for her, thereby depicting the tolerance of Muslims towards Hindu traditions in a nation, the very foundation of which is Hindutva.

How can the majority be treated like guests in one’s own country by the minority?

Sherlyn Chopra has come up and made many revelations. The actress is known for her bold and brave nature. Actress Sherlyn Chopra has started her own OTT Platform "Redsher" playing the part of producer, actor, writer and content creator. Sherlyn Chopra is truly a multi talented actress.

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