Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan were a great competition to each other during their stay in the Bigg Boss 11 house and it was quite evident that they cannot see each other in eyes.

After the show got over, Shilpa Shinde was quite clear over the idea that she would never like to meet Hina Khan again. She also expressed her dislikeness towards Hina in several interviews. On the other hand, Hina Khan did not hold any grudges outside the house towards Shilpa.

Last week, Shilpa tweeted about how she wants to move on and wants to be friends with Hina Khan. Her tweet reads; “Life is really very short. Negativity Se Jyada fun dekho. I really like Hina. And now bigg Boss is over so there is no point to fight. Hina is doing great so its my request to all fandom, rather than hating each other love your idol…”

When Hindustan Times asked Shilpa if she wants to forget things and be friends with Hina Khan, she said; “Not really. I had liked a video made by a fan which was a compilation of shots of Hina Khan from the reality show. It was funny. Hina’s fans got upset that I liked the video so I tweeted that they shouldn’t react so much. I don’t have any problem with Hina nor is she my competition. Our reality show is over, so what is point of dragging things from the past and having our so-called fans fight over it? These fans point out stuff to us about who said what and who reacted how. I have asked all the fans — mine and Hina’s — to enjoy life and chill. Our industry is small and we might end up working together. Life is too short, so forgive, forget and move on.”

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