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Shivaleeka Oberoi Works Hard To Better Her Acting Skills

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Even before her first film released, Shivaleeka Oberoi bagged her second with Vidyut Jamwal. The newcomer has her feet planted firmly on terra firma and believes in making every opportunity in front of the camera count. Ask her how she prepares for her scenes and you wouldn’t believe she has just joined the film industry as a debutant! She reveals that she is almost like a student before every film, preparing intently for her role, making notes and absorbing all she can from the actors around her.

“I am like a student to the director when I’m on set. I generally read through the script multiple times in advance and then try to understand the characteristics that the director would want to see in my character. I am always either making mental notes or physical notes of inputs that I think may help enhance the role. One thing I make sure of is that I know my lines thoroughly. I prepare the scenes, record and watch it to see how my expressions come through on camera.”, says Shivaleeka Oberoi.

Right from her childhood, Shivaleeka used to observe other actors especially her favourite Kareena Kapoor. But the young, chic actor takes as much inspiration from her male co-stars as well as other experienced actors around her. She is a big movie buff and binge-watches anything and everything related to cinema. “Different actors do similar scenes differently. Every expression on your face tells a story. It’s my job as an actor to hone my craft and work on it every single day. I am rarely happy with my work. I just want to better each take. I know I have a long way to go but I don’t want to take the journey for granted. I can’t spoil a scene because I didn’t do my homework. So I try and work doubly hard at it.”

Shivaleeka Oberoi is a young and dynamic actor who has moved the industry with her talent and zeal for acting. Having debuted opposite Vardhan Puri in Yeh Saali Aashiqui, she is one of the few actors to have signed her second film even before the first one hit the theatres. Slender, elegant and chic, Shivaleeka has carved a niche as a fashionista with her sartorial choices and on-point fashion sense.

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