Shivani Singh and Mahi Srivastava's song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji' released from Worldwide Records

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Many songs sung by singer Shivani Singh are becoming popular in the Bhojpuri music world, while in the Bhojpuri music world, popular actress Mahi Srivastava is captivating everyone with her amazing acting. Whenever there is a song by this wonderful pair of singers and actress, the audience's heart goes into ecstasy, because on one hand is the magic of Shivani's melodious voice and on the other hand, the performance of Mahi's magnificent beauty is very lovely.
Mahi Srivastava's song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji
In such a situation, the Bhojpuri song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji' released from the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri is being liked very much by the people. In this song, Mahi Srivastava in black saree is winning the hearts of the audience with her adorable dance moments and expressions, while the melodious voice of singer Shivani Singh is mesmerizing the people. In the video of this song, it is shown that Mahi is wearing a black saree, but the saree is slipping from somewhere, which is causing a lot of difficulty in fixing it. Seeing this, when her husband asks her why she looks upset, Mahi Srivastava says, 'Naihar mein pahere na oil piya, khaali chalvani mobile piya, ta hamara kamar se sariyan sarke e raja ji, jab dharela ta dilwa dhadke e. Raja ji...'
Mahi Srivastava's song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji
Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of the explosive Bhojpuri song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji' presented by Worldwide Records. The lyrics of this song are very simple and melodious. Its audio and video have been made very visual and melodious. Lyricist Ashutosh Tiwari has written this song sung by singer Shivani Singh. This song has been decorated with melodious music by musician Arya Sharma. Mix master is done by Jeetu Sharma. Video director Ravi Pandit, choreographer Vishal Gupta, editor Deepak Pandit. DI Rohit Singh has done it. All rights of this song are with Worldwide Records.
Mahi Srivastava's song 'Sadiyan Sarke E Raja Ji  
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