Shivin Narang opens up on what fashion means to him

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Shivin Narang

Actor Shivin Narang says that, for him, fashion means a style that comes naturally to him. The actor adds that he shops according to what he likes and not what is in trend.

“Fashion, according to me, is something which is new, trendy and something which defines my own personality. The colours, the texture, the style which comes naturally to me. I'm not someone who always wants to keep up with the fashion or the styles which are going on. Generally, I'm not a shopaholic. I don’t usually go every week to the store and see the latest things. But whenever I go and like something, I pick it up but I don't follow it every week or every month or every season to know what is the next thing coming up or keep any update about that. But yes, as an actor, in my profession we do a lot of shoots so we try to keep up our style quotient, our styling in the events or in the movies or any other platform. We try to keep up according to the character and according to the times which we are in,” he says.Shivin Narang
Ask him what he is most comfortable in, and he says, “My comfort clothing, if you have to define me, I'm a white shirt and blue jeans guy with my sneakers on, I guess. I think that's the most comfortable I'm in. But if I tell you about myself at home, I'm mostly in my lower sports clothes and loose comfy shirts but when I'm going out, I like my denim jeans and linen shirt which I'm comfortable in.” (Shivin Narang)

Talking about picking up a character whose fashion sense is completely opposite to how he dresses up, he says, “It's already a challenge. We don't realise it when we are seen as an actor but once we play our role, I remember playing the role of RJ in one of my shows, Internet Wala Love and his name was RJ Jay Mittal. His sense of styling was completely opposite to mine. I'm very subtle with my colours and style and he was very loud, ripped jeans and bright colours. And I'm more of a blue, black, white, grey kind of a person. So that was completely opposite to me. It took a while. I guess it boosted a lot of confidence in me like, ‘Okay, yes, I can carry all those colours and I'm comfortable in them.’ Wearing something which gives you confidence, and personality is very important. So yes, that's when you realise when someone says, "Oh! he carried the look so well or she carried the look so well." It's not what you wear, it's how you carry it.”

Talking about people going overboard in following fashion trends, he says that at times this is justified, and sometimes it is not. “I don't know. I just feel that sometimes I just question myself. Maybe I'm not updated with fashion and everything. Why do people wear all these things? I guess it is more than carrying clothes or fashion or trends. We see a lot of absurd fashion and a lot of clothes which you can carry outside in general life and day to day life. No matter who you are. But when we see shows like Met Gala or Cannes, I just feel that, ‘Is this a fashion?’. I guess it's the clothes and dress for that event, just to gain attention for that moment. I don't believe we can carry it everyday or we can wear it and go out generally.  I guess it's just for that place or just for that occasion. I don't think so. If I decide also, I guess it should be a little relevant to the changing times of what I'm wearing and anybody can relate to that and say, ‘Oh, wow. Shivin is looking very good. I should also try this.’ I guess that thought comes to my mind when I wear something as a model or something which I want my people or my followers of my audiences, watch so that they can relate to it.”


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