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Shlokka Pandit takes to kathak classes


Shlokka Pandit enthralled us all with her portrayal in Hello Charlie. She is now taking to kathak classes – Jyothi Venkatesh

Kathak is a dance form from Uttar Pradesh and it helps excel in eyes and it’s expressions.

Shlokka Pandit loves the dance form and she has taken to fish out of water. She is currently training for kathak and she loves the story telling aspect of the dance form. She started doing it watching online classes. And now is learning it full time.

Says Shlokka post a kathak session , “I love the dance form. Kathak is a form of story telling and through a dance form.

Everyday there is a new challenge in this form and it’s extremely exciting. Dance is very innate to me and I feel best when I do that.

I have a penchant to learn different dance forms and it gets me going. Loving this experience.

We should all do what the heart desires. Love and light to all. Let’s get vaccinated completely and end the pandemic.”

Kathak is one of the truest of dance forms and it takes immense effort to even try this art form.

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