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The Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi just keeps getting murkier with each passing day. It was only yesterday that we told you about how Aditya Pancholi has opened up in a heartfelt interview to an entertainment portal and how his family has to go through trauma over Kangana’s claims, which he claimed were ‘baseless’. Barely 24 hours after the interview, a man has opened up to the media on how he is a witness to an incident wherein Aditya Pancholi physically assaulted Kangana Ranaut while she cried out for help!

Narrating the incident the eyewitness revealed, “Years ago, while riding my bike, around 12-12.30 am, I saw a girl screaming in a rickshaw outside J W Marriot Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai. She kept asking the rickshaw driver to drive faster. During this time, a white car suddenly came and completely blocked the rickshaw on the corner of the road. When I looked into the rickshaw, the girl inside saw at me and said please help me repeatedly. By this time, a tall, bald man came out of the white car and dragged the crying girl by her hair. I got down from my bike and tried to intervene. The man was Aditya Pancholi and the girl was Kangana Ranaut. Aditya was punching Kangana.”

The eye-witness further added, “When I went to hold him back, he said ‘Sardarji, don’t meddle, this is a personal matter’. I said ‘If this is your personal matter, solve it inside your house’. By this time, a crowd of 8-10 people started forming and we controlled him. While this was happening, Kangana jumped on the other side of the road and escaped from there. I informed the police and also some journalists from Mid-Day. The way he attacked her, it was very clear case of physical assault. As of today, Kangana Ranaut, has taken a stand against Aditya Pancholi, she should register an FIR immediately. I am ready to stand as a witness in court, I am ready to give my statement to the police..”

Here’s the entire video of the eyewitness opening up on the incident!

Remember how Aditya Pancholi had asked for ‘solid proofs’ for the allegations made by Kangana. We wonder what he has to say now