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Shraddha Srinath This Southern Siren Turns To Bollywood

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Lipika Varma

Give Shraddha Srinath  the tag of, ‘Southern Siren” and ask her if working in Tollywood is an easy ticket to Bollywood …she laughs and says,” Bollywood films undoubtedly give you global recognition as they go wide all over the World. , I did not put in any efforts to work here in Bolyywood. From Tollywood to Bollywood-“Yes, you may say working down the South ,I had like done my screen test in Tollywood .However, I did not put in any efforts to work here in Bolyywood.But I had given my photographs to a casting agency in 2015.And Now I was called for this film’s audition which I cleared within just two auditions. This role fell onto my lap I guess. I was like destined for it. I know lots of girls come from South that seems a natural progression’. So it wasn’t tough or easy-I may say.”

Shraddha Srinath is a Southern Siren…saw her beginnings down South by doing a cameo in film maker Mani Ratnam’s film there has been no looking back for her….. Ask her about working with Mani Ratnam she quickly respond,” …Actually, there is nothing much to talk about, I did a cameo .It was dream to work with this legendry director. But yes, I am hoping to work again ina full fledged role in one of his film. Playing a cameo was not enough for me.”

Shradhha debuts in bollywood with,’ Milan Talkies” being directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia,” Debuting in Bollywood was never the part of my plan. But yes, it’s happening so I m very excited. As an actor all we want to do good work.

On accepting the role she clarifies,” …Quiet frankly I feel the very fact that DirectorTigmanshu Dhulliya… is a very big name for me. I have been his great fan as actor. The story is intriguing and this is very Allahabadi film,It has been a  different experience for me. It’s a love story. I have never done romantic films before. I have done all thrillers down South.

Feeling Friday jitters Shraddha agrees,” – I have not slept for past four days. It has been hard to realize that finally the film is releasing Now I have  come to  terms by consoling myself saying….you have seen so may releases in the past so Shradha Relax! Relax! Relax.”But I wouldn’t lie that I am  very excited just to watch my film ,”Milan Talkies” for playing a different role ina different language  and its like a dream …I am very excited.

 Hopeful of getting work here in B Town– –I am confident of my talent, I definitely am less hopeful. But I am depending   more for my talent this I have been saying from the beginning. Whatever talent they might see in me. I think I will seem very conceited if I say I am confident of getting work here n Bolllwood. Undoubtedly bollywood is so very competitive, every year so many talent debut onto the Bollywood horizon. If I may just wish that someone from here, spots & taps my talent.

 On getting open arm, reception in Bollywood.—I’m conscious? Yes, I know that people who have seen me in South films  –  when my short film was released. I was   playing a  journalist .I had short and curly  hair .So who ever cast me after watching this film, based on my talent .Even then I kept telling myself .I definitely do  not look  like a heroine .So, yes, a certain niche of film maker will definitely like to cast me in certain role based on my talent.

On balancing act between Tollywood/Bollywood— Seems like the only challenge. Though even living here down the South I have alwys been travelling…I have never remained at home. Mumbai also may be added to  the list. I will surely crss that bridge when it comes to dealing with shooting both in Tollywood and Bollywood..Now I have not thought about all this

Love for Mumbai…. Most of our shoot was completed n U.P.almost for 30 days, we were shooting there. We shot in Mumbai just for 2 weeks. I enjoy coming to Mumbai .I don’t know when everyone comes to Mumbai we al turn mad. One day while shooting in Mumbai the shoot got very soon. Me an my makeup artists were so happy that we have time at our disposal. I was like running all over the sets and loudly yelling  we are going to visit different areas in Mumbai to chill …we are going t the Marine Drive, NCPA and some good food joints… really love the food of Mumbai..

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