Shree takes the first step in reuniting her family in Sony SAB's Shubh Laabh - Aapkey Ghar Mein

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Shree takes the first step in reuniting her family in Sony SAB's Shubh Laabh - Aapkey Ghar Mein

Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh - Aapkey Ghar Mein has kept the audience on their toes in the past couple of weeks. With the show taking a seven-year leap, Savita (Geetanjali Tikekar), Shreya (Tanisha Mehta) and Shree (Hirva Trivedi) are on different paths - Jyothi Venkatesh


But as fate has it, the three of them coincidentally run into each other at an orphanage leading to a much-anticipated reunion.

Shockingly, Shreya fails to recognize her own daughter but to Shree, this is just the starting point to her elaborate plan to bring her whole family together.

At the orphanage, Shree approaches Shreya and Savita to adopt her and give her a permanent home when Shreya tells her that she is moving back to the states.


A helpless Savita asks Menaka if she can keep Shree at their place to which Menaka humiliates her and threatens to throw out Niranjan. On the other hand, Panditji informs everyone that Maya’s child Mayra’s life is at risk.

Just then Mayra encounters a snake, while playing in the garden. Shree rises to the occasion and in her divine avatar, rescues Mayra. A frightened Menaka reaches the scene and assumes Shree has saved her precious granddaughter’s life. In a turn of events, Vaibhav is tricked into coming back to India.

Why has Vaibhav decided to return? Will Shree succeed in entering the Toshniwal house? Will she finally reunite her entire family?


Geetanjali Tikekar who essays the role of Savita says, “Even as she is facing such hardships, Shree’s arrival is like a ray of light in darkness.

She is no longer alone in the quest to reunite her family and will not lose her faith in Maa Laxmi. Personally, I believe, everything has a right time and I realize that in the show too, it is the right moment for Maa Laxmi to smile upon them.

Slowly and steadily, through Shree’s divine interventions, I am hoping things will get better. However, the road to miracles is filled with twists so I am sure audience will keep an eye on the show.”

Continue watching Shubh Laabh Aapke Ghar Mein from Mon-Sat, 8 pm onwards on Sony SAB!

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