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Shubhaavi Choksey And Sahil Anand Is The Most Coolest Saas-Damaad Jodi On Indian Television 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 has this amazingly cool jodi of saas and damaad being played by Shubhaavi Choksey and Sahil Anand respectively. Though on screen this Saas-Damaad has a very sweet-sour relationship, off camera they are good buddies. They spends a lot of time together and their bonding off the camera is very nice. In the original Kasautii Zindagi Kay Mohini Basu was played by Kannu Gill and the son in law was played by Manish Goel. Shubhaavi and Sahil’s both on screen persona are very colorful and full of vibrancy. Shubhaavi portrays a rich upmarket Bengali woman and dons beautiful sarees and wears a lot of jewellery while on the other hand Sahil wears very cool floral shirts. The duo often share a lot of social media posts and videos where they  seen pulling each other’s leg and sometime they have been seen partying together. Both of them have also shared with their fans they they are close off the camera and have great on screen rapport. We don’t remember any off the on screen saas-damaad jodi who has great on and offscreen rapport. We can only hope and pray every family has this awesome saas-damaadcombination.

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