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Jyothim Venkatesh

It is birthday time for television actress who plays (BOLD: Sweety in &TV’s Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari). On a normal day, Shweta would have spent her birthday with her friends and family by going to a place she loves but, adhering to the ongoing lockdown and social distancing, Shweta decided to bring in her birthday in a very special way. Cancelling her lavish birthday plans, she baked a cake for herself by following her mother’s recipe and celebrated it virtually with her fans.The actress had planned a grand birthday party with her close friends and family. However, taking a conscious step, she cancelled the celebration much before the 21-day lockdown was imposed. Sharing her thoughts on it, Shweta Rajput said, “This birthday, since everything has shutdown except for essential services, I decided to bake a cake for myself. I followed a very easy recipe shared by my mother and made a small cake, enough for me and my sister. I believe birthdays come and go every year. However, now, it is imperative for one to follow discipline and stay at home. Though there is still a slight disappointment and I wish I could be with my near and dear ones physically, the decision to stay indoors to evade the pandemic is headed in the right direction.To all my fans who were asking me what gifts I would want this birthday, just follow my request and stay safe at home kyuki hum ghar ke andar to corona bahar. Only then will we be able to take a control of the situation and prevent it from spreading further. I strongly urge all our viewers to stay safe and enjoy Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari while at home!”Tune in to One-Hour Special of ‘Gajab Kisse’ of Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, Monday to Friday only on &TV.

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