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Shweta Rohira Says That For Her, Nothing Has Changed Post-Divorce And She Was Happy Before And Is Happy Now

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Shweta Rohira is not one to let hardships keep her unhappy. The actor, who was married to Pulkit Samrat, separated in 2015 but says that she has not let this affect her. “I feel very happy as I have always been happy. Nothing has changed post-divorce, I was happy before and I am happy now. My mom Kaajal Rohira always says every destruction has construction and I would like to pay more attention to the construction part as I believe in living one day at a time and cherishing every moment that life has given me. I am not bitter about anything in life. Every experience teaches a lesson,” she says.Ask her what are the advantages of being single, and she says, “It depends what an individual wants from their life. Some enjoy being single and some in a relationship. It’s a choice of an individual I would say. I think a relationship just happens and it is a very positive and beautiful emotion that binds two people together without a need. As of today, I am not in a relationship but you never know what happens in the future.”

Shweta, who was seen in the play That’s my Girl, still believes in love. “Love is a very beautiful emotion. It is holistic and pure and at this moment I am working on self-love. If you love yourself you, only then can you spread love. Life is very beautiful and we need to love our life first,” she says.For Shweta, marriage is a spiritual union where two people complement each other in mind body and soul. “I am single and in no hurry t o get into a relationship. My career is my top most priority and travelling is also on my mind.Life is not compulsorily incomplete without a man provided you have the right support system. I enjoy good conversations with my mom, my friends and even my staff. To keep yourself motivated is necessary in the fast pace of life. It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. One must balance everything in life. I also believe in destiny and also Murphy’s law “Whenever things have to go wrong they will. There are situations and circumstances beyond human control. One has to go with the flow. ,” she says. On being asked about her play “That’s My Girl” she says, “The play gave me ample scope to work on my acting skills, my stage fright is over and I am very sure about having a career in acting and people are taking me seriously as an actress”

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