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Shweta Rohira Shares Diwali Plans 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

For Shweta Rohira, Diwali is all about spreading happiness in her family and community. The actor says that every year she tries to meet as many people as she can during this festival. “Diwali is getting together with families and friends, exchanging gifts and decorating the house with lights, diyas. It’s a festival of lights that brings brightness to our life. The same significance Diwali has for me. A celebration with my family, friends spending time together and all about happiness,” she says. For the actor, Diwali parties are more about dancing than playing cards. “I don’t play cards rather we spend time talking, laughing and sharing happiness, maybe a little bit of dancing. I enjoy Diwali to the fullest, I eat everything that is made especially for Diwali but I know how much to eat, so I have control on it,” she says.

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