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Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil visit Siddhivinayak temple to seek Bappa’s blessingsfor their new show Main Hoon Aparajita!


Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil visit Siddhivinayak temple to seek Bappa’s blessingsfor their new show Main HoonAparajita! 

Zee TV is back with a fresh narrative that focuses on the journey of Aparajita, a single mother of 3 daughters, preparing them for the rollercoaster called life after her ex-husband Akshay finds love outside of the marriage and lets them down.  On the occasion of the show’s premiere, the lead actors of the show, Shweta Tiwari (Aparajita) and Manav Gohil (Akshay) visited the popular ‘Shree Siddhivinayak Ganpati Temple’ in Mumbai to seek blessings for their new show. Shweta and Manav were spotted having prasad outside by their fans and the paparazzi.

Shweta mentioned, “I believe in taking blessings from Bappa before starting anything new in life. Therefore, Manav and I decided to visit Siddhivinayak temple before the show goes on air. We are really looking forward to the show and hoping the audience will shower us with all their love like they always have!”

Manav added, “Siddhivinayak is a very peaceful place I believe, and to seek blessings for our new show, we decided to visit ‘Bappa’. It is believed that Tuesday is the day of Ganpati Bappa and coincidentally our show also premiered on a Tuesday, which is rare. Shweta and I went early in the morning because the show was going to go on air the same evening.  I can’t express how excited I am for this new journey ahead of us.”

While Aparajita is raising her three daughters all by herself, wait till you watch what happens when Akshay comes back in their life after 15 years!

Stay tuned to Main HoonAparajita, Mon-Sat at 7:30 pm, only on Zee TV!

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