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Shweta Tiwari And Varun Badola Liven Up Delhi With Their Bitter-Sweet Characters – Guneet And Amber, From Mere Dad Ki Dulhan


Tenants and Landlords have had a love-hate relationship that can be traced back in history. Similar is the case with Amber Sharma (Varun Badola) and Guneet Sikka (Shweta Tiwari) from Ghaziabad. Amber, a single parent to an ambitious Niya (Anjali Tatrari) is not just difficult to deal with but is a nightmare for people in general. In pursuit of a professional opportunity, Niya is headed to California. But she has ensured company for her father in the form of a tenant – Guneet, who Amber hates! What a mad-angle triangle this has turned out to be! These unconventional and unique characters feature in Sony Entertainment Television’s recently launched show – Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, that airs every Mon-Fri at 10:00PM.

The two leads from the show, Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari have shot extensively for the show across iconic locations like Chandani Chowk, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, to the gedis in Model town and took local transport as well. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a progressive story that questions whether there a defined age to find a companion in life only because log kya kahenge? The story charts the sensibility of a young adult who is sensitive towards her father’s needs and wellbeing, thereby accepting love and marriage happening at any age.

In the show, Niya has tricked her father into agreeing for a tenant to stay in the house while she is away. Guneet and Amber have had a rough start but Niya hasn’t lost hope yet. In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will get to see a different side of Amber and an optimistic Guneet who unknowingly helps him out of his misery. From hate, to mutual understanding, to friendship, Guneet and Amber have a long way to go.

Over the years, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) has brought forth impactful and urban stories delivering on the promise of novelty, variety and quality with finite stories. SET has been able to stay relevant to the audience by evolving with their consumption patterns and offering a differentiated palette thereby becoming the one stop family entertainment destination amongst metros and large towns. SET’s newest offering, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, is produced by DJ’s Creative Unit helmed by Deeya and Tony Singh. From the makers of cult classics like Banegi Apni Baat, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Parvarrish, and many other path breaking television dramas, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is an unconventional story which is all set to redefine the way weekday fiction is consumed.

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 Actor Varun Badola, essays the character of Amber Sharma

I am always on the look out for work that challenges me as an actor and through which I feel inspired. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is one such show, and I am happy that I am a part of this progressive narrative. Yes, I have had to mold myself as per the character brief, but mostly I improvise and add my observations and learnings to it. I think television is headed the right way with progressive concepts like these and I want to be a part of this change. Audience is also adapting to this change and thankfully there is a demand for shows that are real and relatable. Since this show is set in Ghaziabad, the makers had planned an extensive shoot here in the capital city and that was nothing but homecoming for me. I draw a lot of inspiration from this city and I keep coming back for more.

Actress Shweta Tiwari, essays the character of Guneet Sikka

I am happy characters like Guneet are being thought of and made in the current times. It’s a pleasure playing this character. I am personally very different from Guneet but I am learning a lot from this character. I have never come across anyone who is as positive and optimistic like Guneet but I am sure such people do exist. The concept of this show is progressive, and audience is accepting the same wholeheartedly. Currently in the show, Guneet has entered the Sharma household as a tenant and the audience is enjoying a typical tenant-landlord nok-jhok between the two. Needless to say, Varun is veteran and knows his craft adding his own touch to the character that pushes me as a actor to respond with equal or more vigor. 

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