Shweta Tripathi Sharma,”I have to give my best as I am being paid “

By Lipika Varma
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Shweta Tripathi Sharma who was pitied opposite Vicky Kaushal, got to be known as,” The Masaan Girl.” She made her debut in Tamil film,”Mehandi Circus “and later appeared in web series Mirzapur Season 1 following Mirzapur Season 2 Shweta  debut recently with a comedy film,”Kanjoos Makhichoos ‘, Directed by Vipul Mehta ,which has been received well by the audiences. Shweta feels she is the beti of U.P as she has been doing shows like Mirzapur, Gone Kesh, and now Kanjoos Makhichoos. Working with Kunal Khemu she obviously had that seniority vibe but she had to give her best as she is being paid for her acting talent.

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On her latest debut comedy successful show which has taken everyone by surprise, she says,” Kanjoos Makhichoos has been a conscious choice of mine. I am happy audiences loved it. ‘Mirzapur’ and,’Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein ‘and another new show titled,’Kalkut ‘which is yet to be announced, it was a conscious decision that I chose Kanjoos Makhichoos as I wanted to make the audiences laugh as  I have always made them cry so for a change I stat with opting comedy show.. I don’t want to get stamped as just a serious performer. Change is the spice of life and so I decide to choose an actor you are defined by your work. I am very happy that I tried something different and I have been able to make the people laugh. It feels nice that audiences have loved our show Kanjoos Makhichoos.

Shweta Tripathi Sharma

Sweta  agrees having learned a lot from Kunal Khemu ,”I earned a lot working with Kunal Khemu who has about 30 years of experience as he started at an early age. It was great fun working with him. Initially, I was getting that senior wali vibe but slowly and gradually I realized –why actors love to do commercial cinema. I used to get nightmares when I shot Mirzapur and Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein. But while shooting this comedy film ' ‘KM” I slept well  while mouthing those light hearted lines which also had   good jokes which we enjoyed while performing and you guys enjoyed watching it.

Enacting all your parts with conviction these are the things Shweta keeps in mind while performing any role,’.... First, I observe and then absorb. Second, I try to react or respond rather than act. Whenever I read the script, I know which layer I want to focus on to make it credible to the audience. The challenge lies in transitioning smoothly between these layers.


She fears not working on OTT,”I have no fears at all. I only want to get associated with good stories and characters. Be it from spotify where I did Barbara Gordon for Batman. I am also producing stage shows. I only fear if I am not able to convince and make my audiences feel the character I am playing. Though, I will never let this happen. OTT is a medium which has given me so much.

Sweta loves working on OTT platforms and can’t hear anything against it, smiles and says,” I just can’t hear anything bad about OTT platforms. There are so many shows which cannot be featured on the big screen e.g.,” Paatal Lok” and many more. A story is the deciding factor if it can be shot in series or as a film project. Acting and other spheres of film making and OTT are the same. You can’t act less for OTT and give your best for theatrical releases. In fact you have to do your best for both the mediums. Everything depends on your performance and hard work.” She concludes

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