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Shweta Tripathi to turn into an impactful producer in the near future


Shweta Tripathi has had quite the flourishing past couple of years, what with incredible performances one after the other that have shattered the ceiling time and again – Sulena Majumdar Arora

The Masaan, mehndi, hraamkhor, cargo, mirzapur, safar, gone kesh, zoo (first indian full length film shot with iphone) , lakhon me ek (season 2) actress, who has shown her true mettle in all her roles, has now expressed her aspiration to become a producer someday, with the vision of producing realistic and meaningful content that would bring forward talented people with immense potential.

Shweta, under her production house, that wants to launch sometime in the near future, would tell the stories of such talented artists and help them flourish and blossom into the world of cinema.

In the increasingly competitive world of Bollywood, Shweta wants to create a platform for those people who have the ability and the talent but can’t find the right medium to find their way in to showcase their stories to the world, which in turn would also, give immense happiness and satisfaction to the actress to see potential and new talent makes a mark in the industry.

Shweta says, “One day soon, I want to be a producer because I feel incredible satisfaction in watching people with talent who I hundred percent believe in flourish and blossom. I want to help people like that in telling their stories to the rest of the world.”