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Sidharth Malhotra Is Very Much Single And Still Learning About Love


One of the hottest star of Gen-Y, Sidharth Malhotra who has placed himself in the A-listers of Bollywood says that he has learnt to treat it all as a “part and parcel” of his job. Said to be fresh out of a relationship with rumoured girlfriend, actor Alia Bhatt, he says, “I am very much single!”

Asked about his definition of love, Sidharth says, “That’s a subject I wish I could articulate. I’d be lying if I said any line [to define it]; it will be a fake line. I’m still learning the process of understanding what love is. There are so many permutations and combinations; whoever articulates it is just making it up. Nobody knows!”

But one thing that the 33-year-old has learned about love is that the idea of the “perfect girl” is flawed. “It’s a mirage, it’s a cheat! There is no such thing as a perfect girl. It’s not how someone is, it’s how they make you feel. That’s more important. That feeling is a sense of positivity and warmth, and you know that there is something real to it,” says Sidharth, who has done films such as Ek Villian (2014), Brothers (2015) and A Gentleman (2017). His last outing was the recently-released Aiyaary.

Sidharth has always remained tight-lipped about his romantic relationships, but has made peace with people’s interest in his personal life. “I don’t let it affect me in a negative way. Yes, there are things which are not called for at times, and there are some things which are true also. It’s unproductive, I must say.”

His focus is on work, and he is determined to keep things that way. “I’ve worked very hard to come here [in films]. I’m not here to read about my personal life, but to work in movies, [and] create content. So, putting energy into rumours is digressing for someone like me,” the actor signs off.