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Sidharth Shukla Makes His Way Back Into The House 


Waking up and planning the day ahead has now become a ritual for all the housemates. Vishal seems a bit upset upon seeing the washroom left dirty, so he complains to Vikas and asks him to inform Aarti about taking her duties seriously and requests him to tell her to clean it. Rashmi adds fuel to the fire and supports Vishal and continues complaining about Aarti. Vikas informs Aarti about this and asks her to take her duties seriously as people are complaining about the bathroom. On hearing this, Aarti is infuriated and taunts Vishal for going behind her back and creating a rift. The two end up in a bitter fight while Vikas and Rashami smile as the spectators.

Bigg Boss Day 71

After some major revelations,Rashami and Arhaan’s relationship has taken an ugly turn. Over the weekend, when Rashami’s brother, Kamya Punjabi, and host Salman Khan questioned Arhaan for talking about Rashami’s personal life on national television and it leads to a major argument between the couple. Trust issues and as a lot of complications crop up as a result of which Rashami and Arhaan talk discuss and decide to take a break from their relationship. They both mutually come to a conclusion and decide to wait for a while before taking the next step.

Bigg Boss Day 71

Up next, Bigg Boss calls Shehnaz to the confession room and to her surprise, she finds Sidharth Shukla seated there. An excited Shehnaaz hugs him and takes him inside the house. While some are happy to see Sidharth return including Asim Riaz, there are a few whose displeasure becomes evident.

Bigg Boss Day 71

This time around, the nomination task comes with a twist. The contestants need to nominate their fellow housemates by breaking sugar bottles on their head and give a value reason. The contestants nominate others by supporting it with shocking reasons that create a major divide among them.

Bigg Boss Day 71

What will Vikas Gupta’s special power be as captain ? Who will be nominated by the majority? 

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