Simrat Kaur: Hey this is a funny thing

By Muskan Taneja
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Question - Which phone are you using?

Answer - iPhone 13, has a leaf behind the cover, I had just gone to Shirdi, so this leaf fell on my feet, so I took it positively and considered it a blessing and kept it with me.


Question - Whom have you called the most?

Answer - Mummy

Question - Which was the last photo you took?

Answer - I keep taking my own photo, so the screenshot of my wallpaper is the last photo that is taken by mistake.

Question - To whom have you sent your last message?

Answer - I had a last talk with CA.

Simrat Kaur

Question - What is your last Google search?

Answer – Dr. Marwah Clinic


Question - Most used emoji?

Answer - laughing emoji.


Question - Best selfie on your phone?

Answer - I think the girl never gets tired so this is a video that I like very much.


Question - What is the worst selfie on your phone?

Answer - I do not keep my worst selfies at all.


Question - What is your home screen wallpaper?

Answer - My sister's children.

Simrat Kaur

Question - Your last food delivery?

Answer - The ice cream was natural and was eaten last night only.


Question - How many alarms are there on your phone?

Answer - Hey this is a funny thing, you can't count too many.


Question - Which app do you use the most?

Answer - I think Instagram and WhatsApp.


Question - Can anyone touch your phone?

Answer - Yes, anyone can touch it, there is nothing to hide in my phone.


Question - Have you ever broken a phone in anger?

Answer - No, I got iPhone with great difficulty, so angry at its place and phone at its place.


Question - Go to your photos and show photo number 7

Answer - This is a photo and it’s not edited.


Question - Do you have any friends or anyone who never picks up the phone?

Answer - That is me only.




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