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Singer Abhinav Shekhar Exposes Kid’s Reality Shows


Talented and popular Singer-composer-lyricist Abhinav Shekhar is out with his latest track, ‘Bachpan’ which addresses, children are the latest victim of the reality monster and social media trap, who, after taking many a sane adult in its stride, has now enveloped children as young as five into its folds – Jyothi Venkatesh

Be it dance shows, singing competitions, or social media reels, it has become de rigueur for children to feature prominently in them.

Talking about his song and the message it carries, Abhinav said, ‘Bachpan’ is an eye opener for the society where kids are getting carried away with the wrong influence of their so called ideals.

‘Choose real over reels’ This is for the parents as well as the society where other rappers and song makers are trying to diss and create songs without any meaning, I am trying to show the change required for a better world.”

The video is directed, crooned, penned, and composed by Abhinav Shekhar. Music production is done by Yakshaj Jagtap.

The music video is produced under the label of BLive Music, Varsha Kukreja. The track has been created by Mahesh Kukreja and presented by BLive Music, Sanjay Kukreja and Remo D’Souza.

‘Bachpan’ track is available on BLive Music Youtube channel and various platforms.


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