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Singer Shaan Want All Fathers To Pledge ‘ No Smoking’ As Their New Year Resolution


Jyothi Venkatesh

New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes for the new year. Regardless of what resolution you commit to, the goal is to improve one’s life in the coming year. Father of two,  playback Singer Shaan want all dads to pledge ‘No Smoking’ as their New Year Resolution.
According to sources, Shaan who lost his father to cancer in his young age, is ardent supporter of Anti Tobbaco movement. He has even requested his colleagues and family not to consume Tobbaco products  and mainly smoke. He is a father of two sons, and wants all fathers to quit smoking and therefore has come up with a single ‘No Smoking Papa’
Video Palace presents, Dr. Deepa Surendra Desai & Aanuraj Fasteners private. limited in association with Adlibs productions ‘No Smoking Papa’ the track is composed by Mitesh –Pritesh and penned by Priteesh Kamat and is sung by the man with a golden voice Shaan, is out now.
While talking about the track, singer Shaan says, “No better ‘New Year Resolution’ than ‘No smoking papa’ !! The purpose of this project is fulfilled if even one papa decides to quit smoking for sake of his family.  Passive smoking is as injuries as active smoking. A person who cares for children and  family should quit smoking for their good health.”
Producer Tushar Desai says, “ Two years back I was a chain smoker and my son Anuj inspired me to quit smoking. ‘No Smoking Papa’ is Anuj’s initiative. We are glad that Shaan has lent his voice and are hopeful that parents will be inspired to quit smoking  after watching this video track”

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