Abhijeet Sinha completes ten years in Bollywood

Abhijeet Sinha, who grew up in Patna, Bihar, and did higher education in Maharashtra, started working in the corporate sector after completing his MBA given family responsibilities.

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Abhijeet Sinha completes ten years in Bollywood

"Despite working with big directors in Bollywood for ten years, I am still considered an 'outsider'…"

-Abhijeet Sinha

From the corporate world to the film industry

Abhijeet Sinha, who grew up in Patna, Bihar, and did higher education in Maharashtra, started working in the corporate sector after completing his MBA given family responsibilities. After serving in the corporate sector for 11 years, the creativity within him created such a storm that he left his job and joined Bollywood on January 5, 2004. It was not easy for him to join Bollywood, he struggled a lot. He received formal training in acting from Barry John at the Barry John Acting School. Then he started doing theater by joining Nadira Babbar's 'Ekjut Theater Group'. Later, he completed ten years of working in theatre, television, films, short films, web series, commercials, and corporate films. This is a big achievement of Abhijeet Sinha from a non-film family. He created a distinct identity for himself by working with many veteran directors including R Balki, which only very few artists can do. Abhijeet Sinha's biggest achievement in his last ten years in Bollywood is that he has been awarded more than 100 national and international awards including the "Pillars of Maharashtra Award 2022" by the Governor of Maharashtra for his contribution to the art, literature, and entertainment industry.

Abhijeet Sinha

Abhijeet Sinha

Showcased his acting skills in both TV and Films

Abhijeet Sinha is known for his roles in many Bollywood films including Invisible (2018), Junglee (2019), Chup (2023), Hotel Murder Case (2022), Azam (2023), The Purvanchal Files (2023), Tumse Na Ho Payega (2023). So there he remembers 'Wagle Ki Duniya', 'Beyhadh', 'Mere Sai', 'Hum Hain Na', 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein', 'Kumkum Bhagya', 'Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai', 'Kasauti Zindagi Ki', 'CID', 'Crime Patrol', 'Code Red', 'Savdhaan India', '24 Season 2', 'Crime Alert', 'Vidya', 'Main Maayke Chali Jaungi', 'Tere Shehr Mein' He has shown his acting skills in many TV serials including 'Utran', 'Sanjeevani'.

Abhijeet Sinha

Acted in web series and short films

Apart from acting in the TV medium, she has acted in many other formats like 'The Little Godfather', 'To My Brother', 'Jai Mata Di', 'Queers and Alliance', 'Khwaishen', 'Faisla', 'Shaadi Ki Baat', etc. Has played diverse characters in short films and web series like 'Sacred Games', 'Inside Edge', 'Kaala', and 'Dehati Boy'. Not only this, he has also acted in corporate films of Novartis, Tata Education, etc., News 18, IPL 2023 advertisements, and more than 12 music videos, out of which Sunidhi Chauhan's Chhath song released in 2022 is prominent.

Abhijeet Sinha

Apart from actor, he stepped into writing and direction

Along with acting, Abhijeet Sinha also entered the field of writing and direction in 2017. Abhijeet has written short films like 'Cappuccino', 'Swapping', 'Faisla', 'Hello Mamma', 'Wrong Number', 'Zora Point', 'Shaadi Ki Baat', 'Kashmakash', 'Boond' and some other short films. Have directed and acted. All his short films have won several international film awards.

From being an actor to being a writer

Apart from acting, directing, and producing, he is also fond of poetry and songwriting. Books written by Abhijeet like “Zindagi Ke Taane Bane”, “Twisted Tales”, “Lahja”, “Slices of Life” etc. have come to the market. While Kranti (poetry collection) and The Friendship Diary (short story collection) are about to be published.

Abhijeet Sinha has also achieved success as a lyricist. His songs are being developed and released around the world.

Completed ten years in Bollywood. But did you have to struggle during this time or did everything go smoothly?

-Every person has to struggle at every turn in life. Coming from a non-film family, it was not easy to join the film industry at the age of 36. People want to hear and read about my struggle of ten years. But do only actors and filmmakers struggle? In my understanding, doctors, engineers, teachers, CAs, everyone has to struggle. I also struggled. Doing an acting course does not mean that people will immediately start calling you and giving you work. Finding work is also a huge task for an artist. Because this is a completely unsafe area. Nothing is certain here. Today you have work, tomorrow you may not have work. After taking training from Barry John Acting School, we started giving auditions like other actors. I kept getting rejected several times for several months. But at the same time, I joined Ekjut Theater Group and started acting in theatre. The round of auditions continued. After six to seven months, I got my first small role in TV. Then got big roles. Also got films. Did some cameos, in which the money was less. It was necessary to work to learn, so I kept working. Even today I am working continuously. Be it a small task or a big task, the struggle is still going on.

What has changed in cinema due to the increasing progress of OTT?

-Some good web series and movies have come on OTT. But more or less, OTT is also getting caught in the clutches of Bollywood films. This situation cannot be called good. But the audience is now liking regional and world cinema more. Therefore now Bollywood will have to change its pattern.

You worked in every genre, but did not act in Bhojpuri films?

-I got many offers to act in Bhojpuri films, but I did not have the courage. I don't find myself fitting into their format. Producers are only busy making money in fixed formats. Bhojpuri film has come to mean double-meaning dialogues and songs and headless comedy. It is sad to see the decline of the Bhojpuri language, culture, and Bhojpuri society. Yes, some new people are now trying to do something new to change the image of Bhojpuri films. This is a good thing. If something good happens, I would also like to do Bhojpuri films.

What do you feel after completing ten years in Bollywood?

-I worked hard for ten years. Worked with every small and big film director. But many times we realize that despite doing so much work, we are still considered 'outsiders' and along with labeling us as 'outsiders', some casting agencies also discriminate against us. But I am continuously moving forward on the strength of my inner talent and hopefully, the kind of love I am getting from people. Because of that, I will be able to do some good work in 2024. I am an optimistic person who always believes in working hard.

Are you doing anything else?

-There is a film 'Bas Karo aunty, which will be released soon. Some other films will be released in 2024 but they cannot be named yet.

-Shantiswarup Tripathi


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