Death Anniversary: ​​An open letter to 'Prithviraj Kapoor'

I had only one opportunity to see you, and that was when you came to my college as a chief guest at the inauguration ceremony of Punjabi Kala Sangam and you impressed me with your handsome look, your walking style...

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Prithviraj Kapoor
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I had only one opportunity to see you, and that was when you came to my college as a chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of Punjabi Kala Sangam and the impression you left on my young mind with your handsome looks, your style of walking and your way of talking in Punjabi and Hindi is still as fresh in my heart and mind as before.

I have seen some of your best movies like 'Mughal e Azam', 'Rustom Sohrab', 'Sikander', 'Kal Aaj Aur Kal' and 'Teen Bahuraniyan' and many more and you have always impressed me with the reach of your acting. If I am not wrong, I myself did not get the opportunity to see some of your plays staged at Prithvi Theatre and IPTA and I am sure you would have mesmerized in all of them. If I have any regret in my life, it is not being able to see your glory in the plays you did. I was not even fortunate enough to bid you a final farewell when you left this world, but your glory will still live on forever inside all of us.

Dear Papaji, you may know that all your sons Raj, Shammi and Shashi have joined you and you have talented grandsons like Rishi Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor. Some of your great grandsons are also active in the same world where you and your sons once ruled, but I don't see a glimmer of hope in any of them!

You must be wondering why I am writing this open letter to you. I am sitting in the canteen of Prithvi Theatre which was built in your honour by your son Shashi and daughter-in-law to keep alive the tradition you have set for Indian theatre. I don't know how to thank you or my dear friend Shashi Kapoor and his wife for the miracle of this place, but the fact is that Prithvi Theatre has done for theatre what no government or institution has been able to do in the last sixty years. Actors, writers and other creative people used to beg for a place to showcase their talent, but now they have a haven where they can come, relax and show their talent.

Do you know that Prithvi Theatre has given lakhs of talented young men and women a place from where they can find their destination? Do you know that Prithvi Theatre has been a home for artists from across the country and it has rarely disappointed anyone who has really deserved to be a part of Prithvi Theatre? In your time a cup of tea used to cost one anna or six paise, but today a glass of ordinary tea costs 25 rupees, in your time the snacks served would have cost one or two rupees, but today they are paid according to the status. And there are some delicious snacks served by the young people, which I think is not a bright future for these young people, Prithvi Theatre is more of a meeting place where people sat and discussed important plays like 'Kismat Aap Ke Naam' directed by Naseeruddin Shah, Naseeruddin Shah is an actor and director whom you must have been pleased to know.

A lot has changed between your Prithvi Theatre and Shashi's Prithvi Theatre. Change is the rule of life, but has its value changed?

Right now your and Shashi's Prithvi Theatre is in the hands of Shashi's son Kunal Kapoor, if possible, give your blessings to Kunal so that he can take Prithvi Theatre forward.  

Well-wisher of you and the Kapoor family

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