Death Anniversary Divya Bharti: That last evening of Divya Bharti

I first heard about her when she did her first Telugu film "Bobbili Raja" which became a big hit. She then came to Bombay and signed any kind of small and big films, mostly big films.

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Death Anniversary Divya Bharti
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I first heard about her when she did her first Telugu film "Bobbili Raja" which became a big hit. She then came to Bombay and signed any kind of small and big films, mostly big films, and was seen as a big start for the future. She was from a middle-class family, lived in a building called Archana Kutir in Juhu and within a year she had overtaken all the young female stars and was also the highest paid.

It was her biggest triumph when she played the lead role opposite Anil Kapoor in "Laadla", a role which was original to be played by Sridevi and her happiness was immense.

She was shooting for 'Do Pariyaan' in April 2005 and it was very difficult to meet her. However, my friend Kulbhushan Gupta, once a journalist who had made up his mind to produce Hindi films, took me with him as he was going to meet Divya at the Hermes Villa in Versova. We talked for 20 minutes and I could tell how much she loved life and all the good things that were waiting for her.

Kulbhushan and I left and after a few drinks, left for our respective homes without even thinking about what we would hear early the next morning. At 5 in the morning, Kulbhushan called in a voice I had never heard before. He said, "Ali, Divya is dead" and I arrived for the first time at Tulsi Bhawan, the seven bungalows where Divya lived with her newly married husband, the young and well-known producer Sajid Nadiadwala. When I reached the building, there was a huge crowd outside. She fell (?) from the 5th floor and was badly injured and was taken to Cooper Hospital where she was declared dead before admission.

Divya Bharti 

There were many suspicions and theories about the cause of her death. She went to a party after completing her work for the day and went for a drive with her husband and some close friends. She continued drinking alcohol even after reaching home and was said to have been sitting on the platform of “Tulsi” Her body was found lying in a pool of blood after which her husband and his friends took her to the hospital, but Divya Bharti younger brother But the success story came to a sudden and tragic end.

There was a curious crowd outside the post-mortem department of the hospital. And when her body was brought out, it was rebuilt to look as beautiful as it had been in life. From the hospital, her body was taken to the Vile Parle Hindu crematorium, and her body, which was the talk of the industry, got dissolved in the flames of Panchatatva and within a short time, many young women believed that the light of the future had dimmed. Gone was she who became a memory and will be remembered by some and forgotten by most in no time.

Someone had asked the people at the crematorium to install cement and concrete benches at the site for the demurrers to rest. The request was heard and there was a bench with Divya Bharti's name on it. Soon the bench was there, but Divya's name had disappeared. This is the ultimate truth about life and death. But it is time for all living beings to realize the truth that the greatest and the smallest, the highest and the lowest, the saint and the sinner have to face each other one day, someday.


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