Remembering Meena Kumari: The Tragedy Queen of Bollywood

Meena Kumari, known as the Tragedy Queen of Bollywood, is being remembered on the 50th anniversary of her death

Meena Kumari's death was announced by JD. Lari, a struggling writer, on Good Friday 50 years ago.

The author recalls seeing Meena Kumari for the first time and feeling a sense of sadness and curiosity about her life

The author shares stories they heard about Meena Kumari being mistreated by Kamal Amrohi, her husband and a famous director

Meena Kumari's drinking problem and the inspiration she provided to writers and poets are discussed

Meena Kumari played important roles in the careers of actors like Dharmendra and filmmakers like Gulzar and Sawan Kumar Tak

The author reflects on the missed opportunity to have a conversation with Meena Kumari and the impact she had on the industry

Meena Kumari's contribution as a complete actress and her role in the success of Kamal Amrohi's film "Pakeezah" are mentioned

Despite her tragic life, Meena Kumari's work will always be remembered as a tragedy par excellence

The article concludes with the question of why there are so many stories about Meena Kumari's personal struggles despite her positive influence on others