Vinod Khanna death Annivarsery: The Journey of Vinod Khanna which didn't end in a very good end. -- BY ALI PETER JOHN

Vinod Khanna, a renowned Bollywood actor, passed away on his death anniversary

Khanna had a successful career spanning over four decades, starting as a villain and transitioning to a leading hero

He was known for his charming personality and walked away from his family's business to pursue acting

Khanna's journey in the film industry was filled with ups and downs, but he managed to carve a niche for himself

He took a break from acting to join the spiritual teachings of Osho, but eventually returned to films

Khanna's sons, Rahul and Akshaye, followed in his footsteps and became actors

He also ventured into politics and served as a BJP MP from Gurdaspur

Khanna's life story captivated students at Whistling Woods International during a convocation ceremony

Despite his illness, Khanna remained private about his health, and his family initially denied his deteriorating condition

Vinod Khanna's journey in the film industry and his ability to adapt to different phases of life make him an iconic figure in Indian cinema