Sohrab Modi's Death Anniversary: Yadon Ke Dayre Writer in the Realm of Memories

The Parsi community is very fond of time. This community has played the biggest role in the progress of stage and films in India. Two names Khan Bahadur Ardeshar Irani and Sohrab Modi will always be notable in film history.

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The Parsi community is very fond of time. This community has played the biggest role in the progress of stage and films in India. Two names Khan Bahadur Ardeshar Irani and Sohrab Modi will always be notable in film history. Sohrab Modi's couplet has been maintaining the silence of death for a long time. But the era when the lion of Sohrab Modi's Minervamuvi tone roared with all its might was the golden era of Sohrab Modi. Sohrab Modi's authority and power were very impressive.

The environment of Minerva Studio was like a military training center. Every employee of the studios looked alert as if they were on the war front and never knew when they would be given the order to march.


At exactly eleven o'clock the brass bell hanging in the studio was struck eleven times. Which was an indication that Sohrab Modi had left home. After this hour, every employee of the studio would quickly run here and there to express their busyness and then fifteen minutes later, when Sohrab Modi's long car would enter the studio, every employee would stand where they were and Sohrab Modi would get down from the car. Farshi-salaam would start immediately.

Sohrab Modi used to move towards the office without looking at anyone, walking with his heavy filmy gait. First of all, it was his way of worship to bathe his hands thrice before the fire burning in a niche and entered the office.


Sohrab Modi was a man of drama, hence a dramatic tone was ingrained in his entire personality. People have seen its scenes. Whenever any of his employees would bow before him respectfully, it would be clear that his manner was more of respect than fear and more of artificiality. Perhaps they all had also become accustomed to these things. But the most interesting thing said about him is that whenever Sohrab Modi's car passed through the streets of Bombay, the traffic policemen used to salute Modi Saheb very cautiously on seeing his car. Although Sohrab Modi was neither a minister nor a government officer nor any big political personality. Apart from the employees, it would have looked very strange if the traffic constables had saluted him at every intersection, but people say that the traffic constables of Bombay were paid regular salaries for saluting him like this.


The most strange and memorable day of Sohrab Modi's Shahana dramatic life was when he was about to reach Bombay from London with the color prints of 'Jhansi Ki Rani'. A chartered ship was obtained to bring the prints. In those days the new airport of Santa Cruz was not built. Flower gates were made at various places on the way from the old airport to Modi Saheb's house. It was written on the doors of those flowers-


‘Sohrab Modi Welcome’

There was a crowd of thousands of people at the airport with police arrangements. After landing at Bombay airport, when Sohrab Modi left for home in a procession, there was a car in the front. In which the arrival of Sohrab Modi was announced repeatedly on the loudspeaker. And he was being congratulated.

The next day, a special show was organized at Liberty Cinema to which only a few great personalities of the industry were invited. At the end of the show, as is the custom, many people congratulated Modi Saheb. And there were some among them who were not able to control themselves otherwise they would have lay down in the path of Modi Saheb, and then such a great personality passed by them. Sohrab Modi's face was worth seeing at that time. There was a wave of joy and satisfaction on his face. To snatch that happiness, he was repeatedly asking each person - 'How did you like the film?' On this, a blunt assistant of Delhi distributor Saeed Mian said -


'The film is very good but as per the subject matter, the film is less of 'Jhansi Ki Rani' and more of Rajguru.'

Perhaps Sohrab Modi felt bad after hearing such a true thing because his ears were used to hearing only praise. That's why some people became angry that he played the role of Rajguru in the film. Perhaps there might have been some confusion in the mind of such a big filmmaker too. Due to this he always liked to create a big ruckus about his personality to satisfy it. Perhaps it was the result of this that during his stay in London, just for his wife's drinking water was supplied from India. On which countless rupees were spent.


Sohrab Modi created a huge ruckus on the occasion of the Delhi release of 'Jhansi Ki Rani'. Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was invited to its inauguration. The premiere of the film was held at Plaza Cinema in New Delhi, which cost nine lakh rupees to renovate. The premiere show was held on Saturday at seven in the evening. Whereas in Delhi there is always a new film on Friday and in the UP used to release films on Thursdays. But Sohrab Modi's 'Jhansi Ki Rani' was released in India on Saturday.

Sohrab Modi reached Delhi with his wife Mehtab in the morning. And like foreign ambassadors and politicians, after first reaching Rajghat and paying floral tributes at Gandhi Samadhi, both the husband and wife stood like statues for several minutes with their eyes closed. Which was not faith in any way but publicity and fabrication, a mere fabrication.


 In the presence of Pandit Jawahar Lal, a solid silver talent of the 'Queen of Jhansi' riding on a horse was presented to Sohrab Modi by the Delhi distributor Saeed Mian. Sohrab Modi also gave a speech on that occasion. And while introducing an old man he said that he is the grandson of the Rani of Jhansi. Don't know how that grandson of the queen of Jhansi came into his hands. Because after the premiere show, the grandson of Maharani Jhansi went missing and was never seen again.

Despite all these things, it cannot be denied that Sohrab Modi had his own style of making films. Under this, he made many excellent films. Gave new artists to the film industry.

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