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Birthday Special: Small town girls are more focused- Thus all their dreams are fulfilled.” Sakshi Tanwar


Sakshi Tanwar who belongs to a middle class family from Alwar Rajasthan is now settled well both professional and personal life – By Lipika Varma

Do small town girls face problems in their professional existence now also? All praises for small town girls Sakshi feels times have changed since the time she started her career in Mumbai. Sakshi feels girls from small town are doing well. Every girl has to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Sakshi feels girls from small town are being able to fulfill their dreams in a better way now because of the changes we note in the thinking of one and all towards women folk.

Owing to vast changes that Sakshi may have experienced.. Giving all her heart to small town girls she expresses her views,  Adding further she says,” Professionally it’s not the same like when we started. Now, everything is changing whether it is girls from Rajasthan or any other small town, they are excelling in whatever they choose to do.

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In fact girls from small towns may be have to work harder and thus they are more focused to get their dreams fulfilled…I find in any field small town girls are existing well all over the places.

Acing it like a crow everywhere, everyone is getting equal opportunity. And also girls are getting encouragement .They are getting support from their parents as well.

If you have the talent and have the capacity tenacity to fulfill all your dreams then the world is the limit. All in all in one word I may say-Be focused.”

After graduation she was preparing for the entrance tests to the administrative services but destiny had different plans for her.

Recollecting, her long journey in the field of acting that she has surpassed many a milestone both in television and films…Sakshi owes it to her destiny, “With me acting happened all of a sudden only.

I fee such things happens if it’s in your destiny. In my case it was all destiny plans. We can’t do anything it’s better to surrender whatever situations you are in knowingly you need to tread on those situations. Therefore I too did that and everything g turned out to be good and I am happy. No regrets what so ever.”

Last but not the least Sakshi being a Mother says,”  I think being a mother is the most beautiful  experience. I could balance both looking after my kiddo and my work because I am a person who can remain home for a longer period of time. I am calm and a content person, not an outgoing person.

So being with my kid I loved it and had no problem reshuffling between work and home front as I love to be home. Thus I have managed both the things wonderfully. The word ,”Mother “ for me encompassed everything.”

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