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Smita Tambe And Chandan Roy Sanyal Play The Lead In Environmental Sci–Fi Thriller Web Series, Hawa Badle Hassu


Jyothi Venkatesh

SonyLiv launches it’s much talked about Environmental Sci –Fi Thriller web series, Hawa Badle Hassu , just days after World Environment Day . Chandan Roy Sanyal plays the titular and lead role of “Hassu” along with Smita Tambe. Touted as a genre bender, Season 1 of Hawa Badle Hassu starts of as a slice of life story and soon after escalates to a full blown Sci- Fi thriller paving way for Season 2.The stellar star cast boasts of names like Vikram Kochar, Dheerendra Dwivedi and Zachary Coffin in meaty roles. Shot in Mumbai suburbs and virgin locations at Vaitarna (Maharashtra), Hawa Badle Hassu dishes out a strong message on the environment through interesting and futuristic story telling. Chandan plays the titular Hassu, who rides an eco- friendly rickshaw, spreading the message on environment conservation to his unassuming passengers.

Chandan Roy Sanyal stated, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this series. Hawa Badle Hassu is a one of its kind story and the genre is barely explored in Indian entertainment landscape. I lapped up the role immediately after my producer, Protiqe Mojoomdar narrated the story. After meeting the directors I was convinced that I’m in safe hands and I blocked my dates for the shoot. One of the overriding aspects of this series is a very important and pertinent message on environment. Its a global subject and touches everyone and it is seamlessly woven into the storyline without sounding preachy. I’m convinced that this series will create awareness on Air pollution and environment conservation alongside entertaining people”.

Directors Saptaraj- Siva stated, “We are glad that this series is seeing the light of the day because it surely takes guts to back such a project. It is a novel and unexplored concept, not just in web series space but also in mainstream cinema. What started off as a social comedy about a simpleton auto driver as narrated to us by Protiqe and Sahil, is now a full Season with sci-fi, heart stopping music and very decent VFX considering the scale, ready for launch and all of this happened seamlessly. We had a fabulous team to work with- not just the actors but the technical crew is par excellence. Hassu kept growing throughout the journey right from the brainstorming sessions to writing it out and finally the shoot. We are glad that we could deliver such an important subject through a quirky storyline. Web does give you a lot of freedom”.Catch the adventures of our friendly neighborhood Change Agent and environmental crusader Hassu along with his comrade Arti on Sony Liv .

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