Smriti Khanna celebrates her birthday party as a bachelor “Husbands are not invited!

The film industry is a very strange world! Be it the big screen or the small screen, those who live their lives many times make their real-life thrilling by filling them with drama. One such occasion was to celebrate the birthday of TV actress Smriti Khanna. The tagline of the birthday party of this TV industry actress on February 19 was- “Husbands are not invited!

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Here married women enjoyed their bachelorhood and husbands were barred from attending the party. In the photo shared by Smriti Khanna later, only girls are allowed. Smriti Khanna’s own husband Tarun Khanna was also not allowed to attend the birthday party which was full of fun with the presence of Rucha Gujrati, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Preeti Talreja, Rohit Verma, etc.

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Smriti, who has worked in serials like ‘Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal’, ‘Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan’, ‘Niyati’, ‘Balika Badhu’, ‘Ganesh Leela’, etc., told that she and her girl-friend circle are in love with their self-love a few years ago. Wanted to live the life when she used to be alone. Due to the Corona epidemic, when the opportunity came to celebrate their birthday after three years, these female friends thought of living their single life. The birthday girl told that there are twenty-five girls (ladies) in her friend circle and they all are enjoying themselves a lot.

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Regarding the thinking of “Husband Not Allowed”, she says that, “when husbands are there, then everything is not able to enjoy what it is like to be a bachelor. Then attention would have been drawn whether he had eaten food or not, he has to go home, and the children are alone. Smriti’s husband Tarun Khanna was also not allowed to attend the party. By the way, this party ‘Husbands Not Allowed’ has got the consent of their husbands. Really people should learn the art of living life from film people only!

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