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Sneh Binny who got fully vaccinated in Dubai says that the more people are vaccinated, the world would become safer


Sneh Binny is relieved to have taken his second dose of vaccination. The entrepreneur was looking forward to getting fully vaccinated before starting on some of his long pending work, which now he can take up following precautions – Jyothi Venkatesh

Sharing his vaccination experience, he adds, “It was great. I didn’t have any symptoms after taking the doses.

I’ve taken both my doses in Dubai since I was there most of the time and also because I am a resident of Dubai. I have taken Pfizer.”

Everyone should get vaccinated. Though earlier there have been delays in demand and supply but now it is available easily all over the world, including India.

“Yes, I think everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible. The more people are vaccinated, the world would become safer.

In terms of travelling, it’s mandatory mostly if you are going abroad. Also, it’s much easier to travel after being vaccinated.

So that’s another added advantage,” says Sneh, a diamond and jewellery merchant, who co-owns Delhi Binny’s Brigade, a part of the Tennis Premier League (TPL), with filmmaker-actor Divya Khosla Kumar.

Taking precautions and following protocols is a must both otherwise and when vaccinated, but still a lot of people are behaving carelessly.

This has raised a lot of concern. Agreeing Sneh says, “There are some people who are behaving carelessly, but I think they will have to get vaccinated at some point even if they don’t want to.

I would request people to ensure that their near and dear ones are vaccinated. It’s us who have to make sure that people around us are safe. Also, in case this needs to be remembered, the pandemic is still not over.”