Sneha Jain: I enjoy the cozy feeling of monsoons

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Sneha Jain
Actress Sneha Jain says that while she feels that rains create havoc in our lives, she adds that the feeling of warmth that you get during the monsoons makes it worth it. She says that she loves enjoying the rain from the comfort of her home.
“I don't like getting wet, but I enjoy the cozy feeling of the monsoons when it's raining outside. I love having hot food, hot tea, and watching series at home. One tradition I follow is going to the beach when it's raining. I love going there and watching the sea, especially with my four friends, as it has become a rule for us,” she says.

Sneha Jain starts talking raining in Mumbai

However, shooting outdoors becomes an issue during this time, she says, adding, “Shooting outdoors is very difficult when it starts raining in Mumbai. The rain can pour continuously for 2-3 days, resulting in the city getting flooded. There are many places constructed downhill, which makes it risky because of water logging. (Sneha Jain) Once, while shooting in Madh for an episode, we faced heavy rain. The pick-up time was 9 pm, but the rain didn't stop, and the water level rose up to our knees, posing a significant risk. Eventually, the production decided to stay at the Madh property due to the unsafe conditions outside. I have personally experienced the challenges and risks involved in shooting outdoors during the monsoon, not just for actors but also for the crew, production team, and other people involved.”

Sneha says traffic significant issue

Sneha says, “Traffic jams during the monsoon are indeed a significant issue. I recently had to go to a friend's place, and it took me four hours due to being stuck in traffic. For long distances, I would definitely prefer using the metro, as it helps to avoid congestion and reach the destination more efficiently. Thank God for the metro!”
Of course, Sneha makes sure to focus on extra skin and hair care. “During the monsoon season, I make sure to take extra care of my hair and skin due to the rainwater and the cold weather. I follow a specific hair care and skin care routine using appropriate products to protect them. In terms of childhood memories, I remember my siblings and I used to eagerly wait for the rains. We would sneak out and dance in the rain, despite our mom's protests. It became a tradition for us to get wet in the first rains. I cherish those memories so much as they are small moments that stay in our hearts forever,” she says.
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