Sneha Jain opens up on her new show Janam Janam Ka Saath 

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Actor Sneha Jain, who was last seen in the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, is back on screen with Janam Janam Ka Saath. The actress says that she loves her character.

“My character’s name is Vidhi and she is very charming and is a sweetheart. She is someone who is ready to sacrifice things for her family and her loved one; but at the same time, she takes a stand for herself as well. And I like one part about her a lot; she knows the meaning of letting go. Like if she loves something, but if she thinks that thing is not made for her, she lets go of it because of her happiness and the opposite person's happiness. So, I think that she's very understanding and has a very strong character,” she says.

Talking about what attracted her to the show, she says, “What exactly attracted me is the Marwadi language actually. I was playing a Gujarati character before this. Now, this is another language I get to explore. I know a little bit of Marwadi as well. I will try my level best since I don't know Marwadi properly but I hope that will motivate me to learn a new language. I am playing a new character which I haven't tried yet and there are exciting things in the story which I can't reveal at this point.”

Meanwhile, Sneha says she has quite a routine that she follows in order to prepare for a new show. “I ask the creative and I see a few things about the characters. I see the clips of the character and if there is no clip, then I talk to the creatives. I get the pointers and then I start working on it and think about how my character will act and how she will react to things. There are few things which you do before getting into any character. I try to know the character and get into the depth of her nature as much as I can. You start living the character and then you don't have to think much,” she says.


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