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Dhruv Bhandari

Dhruv Bhandari on being part of Dangal TV's Bindiya Sarkar: The rush, the madness and the opportunity to play such a wonderful character motivates me everyday!

Dhruv Bhandari
Actor Dhruv Bhandari, who plays Abhay in Dangal TV’s Bindiya Sarkar, says that he loves being part of the show. The actor adds that the character and the atmosphere on the set are his major motivation every day to work well.

“That I’m doing full justice to my role as Abhay according to what the makers had imagined. On the set, getting dressed in a normal outfit takes only five mins, but I make sure to take my time when I’m wearing my uniform. It’s the rush, the madness and the opportunity to play such a wonderful character that motivate me everyday!”
Dhruv Bhandari
Dangal TV is creating waves for its unique programming and content, says Dhruv, adding, “This is why it’s rising higher and higher. They’re constantly at it and don’t compromise on anything. Also, Hindi shows have evolved. and I feel the credit for this goes to the audience as well. They want newer and fresher content.

The actor makes sure to detach from his character once he finishes shoot. “I don’t carry the character home. As actors, we condition ourselves and if needed, have to force ourselves to switch on and switch off. Sometimes, you character’s graph does affect personally as you put a lot of yourself in the character too, especially if you’re performing intense scenes. But, by the end of the day, it’s just acting so make sure to not get too affected.”

Dhruv Bhandari
Ask him how he unwinds and he says, “We hardly get that much time to do any activities off the camera, they constantly keep us on our toes. I have a great bond with everyone on set, from all actors to direction to production department.”
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