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Jyothi Venkatesh

After a lockdown of over 70 days, the country is getting back on its feet with Unlockdown 1, obviously with a new set of rules and guidelines, like wearing masks and maintaining social-distance. But, producer Mou Das feels that in a big city like Mumbai, where people are always on the run, social-distancing will be a bit difficult to achieve. “Social distancing is here to stay for a long time. And I think people will eventually pick it up as a habit, which is a good thing. In a city like Mumbai one will have to see how it can be implemented PPEs such as mask and gloves are one thing but six feet distancing will be a bit difficult to achieve. I would sincerely like to request everybody out there to follow all the government guidelines for the same,” she said. Though she feels that the lockdown was the best thing that could have happened, she admits that its effectiveness is still debatable, however, she praises the government for taking such a bold step.

“This is a debate every houshold every social circle and social media handles are having. There is no doubt in mind that lockdown was the best thing that has happened and our government had really taken a bold step in implementing them. It was always known that lockdown is not the solution but only a means to extend the pace of the growing cases in day to day basis. It surely gave them time to figure out a plan on mass admissions to hospitals and create makeshift temporary arrangements for Covid-19 patients,” she said. “Now that the lockdown is over we will have to wait and see how well prepared the government is and what have they done to prevent shortage of beds and ventilators because with people out in streets the numbers are going to go up in a rapid pace,” she added.The Maharashtra government had extended the lockdown to June 30 but with relaxation on outside activities June 3 onwards and offices to function from June 8. Termed as “Mission Begin Again”,  they had announced easing the restrictions in phases aiming to bring the state on it’s feet amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talking about Maharashtra’s “Mission Begin Again”, she said, “We will have to wait and watch before we comment on that. To early to comment I think.”Mou gave her opinion on stress and anxiety during this time and feels that one can overcome it only by spending more time with their loved ones and thinking positive.”Like I said stress and anxiety will be there for some more time, there is no other option for people to defeat this pandemic, but to fight out the depression by spending more time with their loved ones and being positive. This is a once in a lifetime experience and frankly no one has any clue on how to deal with it. There is no textbook answer to how will one cope up with it. We will just have to fight our ways out of this at a personal level and try and keep a very positive mindset,” she said. Mou also spoke about the impact of lockdown on the various industries, but asserted that dark days aren’t over yet for the entertainment industry.

“The pandemic had not only affected the entertainment industry but the entire world across geographies. The impact is definitely hard and has taken a toll on the economic systems of even the best of the developed countries worldwide. The entertainment industry is still trying to gauge the damages. So many movies have postponed their release dates. So many technicians must have had difficulties trying to meet in these 3 months. Dark days aren’t over yet for the entertainment industry as we still don’t know how are things going to be after 3 months.  When will the cinema halls open? When will people think it will be safe to visit them? Will the movies which are released get their worth? The impact is very hard hitting and only time will say how and when the industry will get it up and running to the full force,” she signs off.

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