Social Media Sensation Nikita Soni’s Role Model Is Kangana Ranaut

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Social Media Sensation Nikita Soni’s Role Model Is Kangana Ranaut

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Social media  has given the platform to so many artist and so with the debut actor Nikita Soni. She  has made her way to Bollywood. Under the banner of Mates entertainment, the suspense thriller  “I know You” is produced, directed and written by Jayveer Panghaal. The music is given by Deen Mohd and cinematography by Abhay Anand. Nakkash Aziz, Raja Hasan ,Rani Indrani Sharma are the singers and background score is given by Priyanshu Raj and Pinki Jha.The film has been edited by Alok Singh. Nikita Soni Along with Riyana Shukla, Akhilesh Verma, Muzahid Khan, Neha Sagarika, Gurudev Aneja, Vikas and Agast Anand are in the leads.

I know you is a suspense thriller which has all the essence of a horror film. The story revolves around Raman, Suraj, Anamika, Nikita, Yogita and Aditya. All of them are busy in their lives when suddenly one incident ruined their happiness. Their biggest mistake committed during their college life changes their lives. At first they seem to be the victim of the situation. The story starts and drags them all in the situation which leads to their death. As every crime has a tale of conspiracy, disbelieve and ditch, so it has. This mysterious house creates horrifying death like situation for them in the film. Who will survive, the mystery is yet to reveal?


The film shooting has been completed is ready to hit the theatre in December, 2019.

Nikita Soni is making her debut in the Bollywood with this film. She is the social media sensation. The young girl is quite promising and had completed 4 other films of the same production. Her unique style and acting is the talk of the Bollywood.She is a social media sensation and has huge fan following.
Nikita Soni quoted “she always wanted to be a part of this industry.Although she is a social media sensation she said to see herself on the silver screen was always her dream.Kangana Ranaut is her role model and like her she wants to become an actor nor a heroine.

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