Some Intresting Facts About Legendary Singer Bappi Da

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Some Intresting Facts About Legendary Singer Bappi Da

Be it parties , functions or pubs and bars , even today the echo of Bappi Da's songs is heard everywhere. The songs of Bappi Da add to the party's charm even today. Bappi Lahiri, popularly known as Bappi Da, who is known as the Gold Man of Bollywood, made his debut in pop music in Hindi films.


He sung first time in a Bengali film

Bappi Da was born on 27 November 1952 in Kolkata. Bappi Da's father Aparesh Lahiri, who belonged to the musical gharana, was also a famous Bengali singer and his mother Bansari Lahiri was a musician. Bappi Lahiri married Chitrani in 1977.

Bappi Da started learning Tabla at the age of three and started taking music lessons since then. He learned music from his parents and sang for the first time in a Bengali film.


Gave Music for the first time in 1973 in 'Ninha Shikari'

Bappi da considers gold ornaments lucky for himself. Bappi Da entered Bollywood in the 70s and dominated till the 80s.

After this, Bappi da's fame decreased a bit, but his songs still force people to dance on the dance floor.

Bappi Lahiri left Kolkata at the age of 19 to earn a name in Bollywood . He got the opportunity to give music for the first time in the year 1973 in ' Ninha Shikari '.


Michael Jackson was Bappi Da's fan

Bappi Da sang the first song in 1975 in the film ' Zakhti ' with Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar helped Bappi Da in Bollywood.

Bappi Da has also made the record for recording the most number of songs in a day. Bappi Da is the only musician who was called by ' King of Pop ' Michael Jackson in his first live show in Mumbai in 1996.

In the ' Dirty Picture ' released in the year 2011, his song ' Oo La La O Lala.. ' was also a superhit.


Bappi da got so much gold

Apart from this, he also contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections on a BJP ticket , which he lost , but his craze as a musician and singer continues even today.

According to Bappi Lahi's affidavit filed in the Election Commission, he has 1 kg 700 grams of gold. Its price is 51 lakhs. Apart from this, gold plated discs have been installed in his house in memory of hit songs.


Composed songs for more than 500 films

Bappi Da composed songs for more than 500 films in his 45 -year film career . Songs sung by Bappi Da like ' Bombay Se Aaya Mera Dost ', I'm a Disco Dancer , Jubi-Jubi , Yaad Aa Raha Hai Tera Pyaar , Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re , Tamma Tamma Loge , are still being played on people's tongues. . Bappi Da did commendable work through a voluntary organization named ' Justice for Widow '. For this he was awarded the ' House of Lords ' honor.


Daughter Reema is also a singer

Bappi Lahiri has two children. His daughter Reema is also a singer. At the same time, the name of Bappi Da's son is Bappa Lahiri. Bappi Lahiri had told that on the naming of the grandson, Bappi fed kheer in a gold plate and gifted a pendant of diamonds. Not only this , Bappi, along with his son, had given a Bentley car, which costs 3 to 4 crores.

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